Welcome to JBC!

We are so glad you are interested in our childcare department, and we look forward to meeting your little one!        

A little information about us… 

We take great pride in being able to provide a safe, fun, loving and age appropriate environment within our nursery.  Our childcare department is staffed by both paid childcare workers as well as volunteers. Each childcare staff member has completed a background check and is current with CPR training.  We strive to hire only well qualified childcare professionals with either an abundance of experience and/or an Early Childhood Education. 

*Every classroom has minimum of one staff member and is assisted by our volunteers. Staff to child ratios are kept at an age appropriate level, and each class is closely monitored on a continual basis.     

What can I expect on my first visit with my child?

  1. Upon entering our childcare wing, you will be greeted by our staff, and we will sign-in your child by age.  At this point we will ask you a few quick questions regarding allergies, potty training status and any medications given that day that may cause side effects. 
  2. Your child will then be given a sticker with his/her name and pager number.  
  3. Our staff will then give you a pager that we will use to notify you in the event you are needed within the time your child is in our care. We will then escort you and your child to his/her classroom and introduce you to the staff member who will care for your child.  (Your child will remain in the same location and with the same staff member for the duration of your visit unless you are otherwise notified in advance.)

**We know that leaving your child in an unknown environment can be stressful. Please allow us to answer any questions you may have in order to ensure both you and your children enjoy your time with us!** 

Review our illness policy here.   


Rebecca H. Crawley   

B.S. Child Development

JBC Childcare Director